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Mr. Treppe (ger. "treppe" = eng. stairs) is a hand-drawn and animated stickman that jumps on the stairs player builds for him. Game starts with a couple of simple levels to show the player how Mr.Treppe moves, how the path and stairs are built and how he gets to the final point. Throughout the levels, getting Mr. Treppe to the end point becomes harder and harder.

In order to finish each level, goal is to bring Mr. Treppe to the final platform by building "stairs" for him and at the same time avoiding obstacles. Mr.Treppe jumps on the stair you draw with you finger. This way he moves and progresses towards the end. However, to make it more challenging – each level has a limited amount of material players should (rationally) use to build the stairs and get Mr. Treppe to the end. Finishing one level, new level is unlocked.

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